Mars One Crowd Funding Campaign

If you have ever felt like you need to be apart of history, now is another one of those chances. Mars One, the privately funded exploration to mars has just launched their crowd funding campaign.

The ultimate goal is to settle man on the red planet permanently, and this first major round of funding is one step closer to that goal. This funding will help Lockheed Martin and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) to develop the mission concept studies for the first private mars lander and satellite.

Of course as with any crowd funding project there are the perks, and the Mars One perks are pretty awesome. These goodies range from the humble T-shirt to selfies of your picture in space, all the way to being at the launch party for the first rocket launch in 2018. Now these are extremely limited (only 30 places) so get in quick to reserve you spot.

So if you are a fan of human exploration and want to help, jump on over to the Indiegogo campaign page. If you can’t afford to fork out a little from you wallet, thats ok go ahead and share this and the campaign through any of your social networks and help spread the word.

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