Weekly Tidbit – Xbox One Game Case Backwards

Xbox One Forza 5 Disk Case

Xbox One Forza 5 Disk Case

With the launch of the next generation Xbox this last week, many users will have been opening their new games to find something is just a little, backwards. It appears in all its wisdom Microsoft has decided somewhere down the line to make the Xbox One Game Case Backwards? Add this to the surprise of having to keep disks in the console after waiting for them to install for five minutes due to the whole DRM issue. It is quite annoying. I must ask, Microsoft after years of media (Including VCR’s, remember those) being on the right side of the pack, why would you change now.  Any way I would love to hear your comments on the strange backwards thinking, tell us what you think with a quick comment below.

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Storm Saich Storm Saich is an avid gamer and pursuer of interesting electronic projects. He is currently studying a degree in games and interactive design. You can find him on .

3 thoughts on “Weekly Tidbit – Xbox One Game Case Backwards

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