How To Install OpenPS2Loader

So you want to install OpenPS2Loader on your PS2. Well, that’s good as it offers many great additions to your Playstation. One of the favourite abilities is the capability to play games from my network SSD raid array. In this howto, we will show you how to install OpenPS2Loader on to your PS2 that is running Free McBoot properly. Now for this how to we are going to assume you have already installed Free McBoot. If not we will soon have a tutorial here until then google will be your friend.

Tools For Installing OpenPS2Loader

  • PS2 Running Free McBoot (Mine is a Fat SCPH-50002)
  • Fat-Formatted USB Thumb Drive (I am using a Sandisk 16gb)
  • OpenPS2Loader – Download From Bitbucket (I used the latest OPL 0.9.3.ELF with no variation)

Installing OpenPS2Loader

Step 1: Get OpenPS2Loader

First, we need to get ourselves a copy of OpenPS2Loader.  Download the version we used in this how to from the link in the tools section. Once you have OPL, open up the zip and copy the OPNPS2LD.ELF to the root directory of your USB.

Step 2: Copy to Free McBoot

Now boot up your PS2 with Free McBoot and plug-in your USB containing your OPL ELF file. Once booted head on over to uLaunchELF. Tap circle on your controller to browse then head into the mass:/ directory to browse your USB. Press the down button on your d-pad until you get to the OPNPS2LD.ELF that you placed on your USB. Once you have selected the .ELF file click your R1 button to bring up menu panel, then tap circle to copy the file to your clipboard.

Copy OpenPS2Loader from USB to clip board

Copy OpenPS2Loader from USB to clipboard

After copying that to your clipboard head back to the root by pressing the circle button on the ‘../’ directory on your screen. To finish the copy go to the Boot directory of your Free McBoot install. For us, its located at MC0:/BOOT/, yours should be something similar. Once you are in your boot directory leave  ../ selected and again hit your R1 button on your controller. If it’s not already selected scroll down to the Paste option and hit circle. uLaunchELF will pop up a transfer information windows. The transfer should take about 3 seconds and when it’s complete both the transfer window and the menu will close leaving you with  OPNPS2LD.ELF copied to the boot folder. Hit the SELECT button in the middle of your controller to make sure everything is done, then reboot your PS2 for the next step.

Paste OPNPS2LD.ELF to memory card

Paste OPNPS2LD.ELF to memory card

Step 3: Add Menu Link To Free McBoot

After your PS2 has rebooted, you will notice that OpenPS2Loader does not make an appearance on our boot screen. Why is that you ask? Well, this is because we have to tell Free McBoot we want a link to this software to appear on our main screen.

To do this, head down to Free McBoot Configurator in the menu and hit enter. For the button layout, I just hit the X button as I found it a bit easier to navigate but real free to use the other option if you prefer. Now that the configurator has loaded, select the Configure OSDSYS options… In the OSD Settings scroll down to Configure Item 1, using the right button on your d-pad to scroll until you get to your first empty item and hit your OK button.

OSD Setting Window

OSD Setting Window

In the items, settings select the name option. For use, we entered OpenPS2Loader as the name, got to the ok option when you are done. Next, we set the path For OPL. We have only placed this in one location so we can select Path1. From here we have to select the location we placed OpenPS2Loader, for this install it was at mc0:/BOOT/OPNPSLD.ELF. once you have selected the install location to make sure your screen looks like the one bellow or very similar based on your set up.

OpenPS2Loader Menu Item Settings

OpenPS2Loader Menu Item Settings

Now that the menu option is finished we can safely hit the Return option and then the Return option again at the next screen. On the home screen select the Save CNF to MC0 option to save the configuration. Now it is safe to select the PS2 Browser (FMCB Restart) option to boot back into our main menu.

OpenPS2Loader Installed

OpenPS2Loader Start Screen

OpenPS2Loader Start Screen

OpenPS2Loader is now fully installed and set up nicely on your PS2. You can scroll down the menu options and will see that OpenPS2Loader is an option you to select without having to go through the uLaunchELF program every time you want to use OPL. Enjoy using it and if you have any questions about this how to, or any request on how to use a feature please leave a comment in the comment section bellow.


About the author

Storm Saich Storm Saich is an avid gamer and pursuer of interesting electronic projects. He is currently studying a degree in games and interactive design. You can find him on .

25 thoughts on “How To Install OpenPS2Loader

  1. hi great instructions and every thing worked as it should but now the loader is’nt working any more.I think I need to install again do I have to remove the old version and if so how?

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! If you wish to re install I would recommend first removing the installing again as you suggested. Stay tuned for a how to on that if you still need it.

  2. Wow! Great instruction and tutorial on how to install ps2Loader. I have been seartching this on net but only find this solution helpful. Thanks again!.

  3. Thanks! These were very detailed and clear instructions with very helpful pictures, as well. This is the first place in my search of the internet that actually clearly told me how to install ps2loader! Thank you so much! 😀 [This will help me with installing other custom apps onto the Mcboot homescreen, as well!]

  4. Mate thank`s you are great 😉

  5. Is there any way to add a second controller multiplayer?

  6. How I can setup FMCB for run OpenPS2Loader at Start Up my PS2 ? Thank you in advance

  7. Hey there, I have a problem and I was thinking that maby someone can help me pls. My ps2 slim had mcboot on it when I bought it and the gamepad was like for ps2 but worked on it, now the buggy part is that when I insert a ps2 gamepad it brings up the Launchelf menu up and idk what to to in order for it to work with the ps2 gamepad. Can someone help me pls???

  8. hello

    i have ps2 slim chip modded Super 7 E17 ,,,

    How can i install OPL in my ps2…

    Step by step plz

    • Hi ahtasham

      If your PS2 is already modded and have Free MC Boot running, this tutorial will work. If not you will have to get Free MC boot running. I don’t have a tutorial for this just yet, but will hopefully have that up soon.


  9. Hi storm, this is great. I have ps2 console scph 700006. As i am beginner. I don’t have any mod preciously my console is as fresh as new one . now I found my ps2 lens is also not working. I want to play using HDD plugged in and found that open ps2 loader can do that. What are things I have to done to install all in my ps2?

    • Hi prabhu, to do that you will need to look at running Free McBoot, This will depend on your model as you have described. I don’t have a tutorial yet for how to do this, but there are many good ones online for many many models. From there you can run through this tutorial on how to install OpenPS2Loader. Hopefully soo i will then have same how to’s on running games from usb and network storage.

  10. # install opl in my ps2?

  11. GEEKy Me.. URGENT PLS HELP.. dont laugh

  12. Hi! I have an old super 7 E17 modchip (green rectangular chip with tons of wires soldered) on my phat ps2
    Installing FMCB was easy but i tried following step by step on opl or hdl i cant seem to load them after installing. It keeps going back to memory card browser menu. Need help to comfirm whether is it the modchip compatibility or i had done it wrong somewhere

    • Hi Sam, from my limited knowledge on modchips, I believe if you are able to get FMCB to run they should not be the cause of your problem. For further help I might suggest looking at the forums for FMCB and OPL.

  13. Dude my Ps2 Games cutscene are lagging GOW and Mortal kombact and many more recomended setting Modes for OPL?

  14. How to boot FreeMcboot in PS2?

  15. whats up tom…great article but…give us a detailed description of how to install a FMCB especially without a dvd drive

  16. Hi…….in my ps2 copy game can play…..but I want to play games using pen drive….plz help me….

  17. Thanks! it help me a lot

  18. Hi,
    I am trying to update my opl on my card i got on eBay, i followed this tutorial step by step and gave it a path so it will show up on the main screen, but when i launch the new opl, it just stays at a black screen if it is on my memory card. if i go through ulaunchelf and run the program off a flash drive it works. i am just trying to change my opl from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3 and i am very confused why it only works on a flash drive and not the memory card. i still have my old opl on my card and don’t know if both versions of opl are conflicting, causing this problem, even though my old opl still works.

    any help will be greatly appreciated.

  19. i figured it out, i ended up taking the new opl elf file and renamed to the same name as the the one the seller previously loaded on the memory card, and then swapped out the old opl.elf for the new updated opl i downloaded so i didn’t have to create new directory paths.

  20. Hi any one can play both, game from opl loader through usb and with dvd disc.please tell me

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